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We have an assortment of very well started Captive Born and Bred Panther Chameleons (Furcifer pardalis) in stock and ready to ship. 

Panther chameleons are native to Madagascar; this species is widespread in lowland areas of the eastern and northeastern sections of the country. It is a common misconception that chameleons of any kind can change color to match the color of their environments. Now, while Panther Chameleons do not change color to match their surroundings their colors are outstanding. Pictured here are several examples of Male Panther Chameleons we have had in the past. The offspring we offer are from adults like these. 

Care for Panther Chameleons is fairly straight forward, a large screen cage with lots of vegetation is a must. These lizards like high quality UVB lighting and we recommend either a Zoo Med 10.0 UVB bulb or an Arcadia 12% UVB bulb. Their diet consist of insects and for our young animals we feed crickets, small dubia roaches and small horn worms. The smallest chameleons we sell will still be feeding on a 1/4" cricket if not larger, 

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