African Fire Skink

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The fire skink (Mochlus fernandi), also known as the true fire skink or Togo fire skink, is a fairly large skink, a species of lizard in the family Scincidae. The species is known for its bright and vivid coloration. Native to tropical forests in West and Central Africa, the fire skink lives fifteen to twenty years. This species is a diurnal lizard that loves to burrow and hide. It is relatively shy and reclusive, but may become tame in captivity.


The fire skink is a fairly large species of skink, reaching up to 37 cm (15 in) in total length (including tail). The most notable aspect of the fire skink's appearance is its vivid, bright colors. Smooth, gold scales adorn the fire skink's back, while red and black bars set against a silver background line its sides. The fire skink does not display obvious sexual dimorphism, which makes it difficult to sex. Males are, in general, bulkier than females with a slightly flatter head and wider jaw. it is mainly insectivorous. Insects such as crickets, and larvae such as mealworms, are used for feeding captive specimens.

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