Helmeted Chameleon

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The Helmeted Chameleon (Trioceros hoehnelii) is native to montane forest habitats at high elevations in Kenya and Uganda. This small chameleon reaches a maximum total length of 10 inches when full grown. They are insectivorous, consuming a variety of small invertebrates. Males are larger, brighter in color, have a higher casque, and a more well developed rostral horn when compared to females. This species gives live birth to litters of 6-20 babies after a gestation period of 4-6 months.

Coming from high elevations, Helmeted Chameleons prefer cooler temperatures, high humidity, and good ventilation. Ambient temperature during the day should be 70-75 F with access to a localized basking spot and UVB. A nighttime drop in temperature is highly beneficial. They should be misted several times a day to keep humidity high and allow ample opportunities to drink off of leaves and other cage decor. Helmeted Chameleons do best when housed singly in all but the largest enclosures and should only be paired when attempting to breed them. They can be fed a variety of appropriately sized feeder insects. Helmeted Chameleons are most comfortable with lots of cover and benefit from live plants and bioactive enclosures. Like most chameleons they do not tolerate handling well.

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